Digia speeds up business for Telecom customers

A digital revolution is under way in the telecom sector, affecting all aspects of customers’ lives. Consumers are now the pioneers of technological advancement, demanding increasingly comprehensive service experiences. For service providers to respond to this demand, they must react daily to changes and realign their policies.


From data pipelines to service houses of the digital age

There is no further room for growth for telecom operators in traditional telephone and data services. Still, they have to invest ever greater amounts into their data services. Competition is fierce in these services, and the customer turnover is swift. Operators are seeking to strengthen their customer relationships and achieve growth by creating new products to match with their data services, and by expanding into entertainment and IT.

They have also put into action their words concerning improving the user experience. More and more comprehensive service experiences are now being offered to meet customers’ daily needs and expectations. This customer-centric approach has blurred the boundaries between business areas.

Changes in digital life

In the consumer business, needs related to digital entertainment and life management have leapt to the forefront. It seems clear that the personal computer will in the future be replaced by individual cloud services. These services can be accessed from multiple terminals regardless of time and place. Smartphones, taken everywhere by their users, and home entertainment equipment will play an increasingly significant role.

Increasing productivity demands

As the nature of work alters and work time blends into leisure time, companies’ expectations and purchasing behaviours are changing, because they must react to the needs of their own customers and employees. Earlier it was business systems that directed technological changes; now the pioneers are the consumers.

Additionally, the digital world gives rise to huge pressure to increase the productivity of work. Both the public and the private sector need new tools and work methods.

Digia involved in developing competitive, exciting services

Digia’s main customers in the telecom sector are Nordic operators, infrastructure builders and device manufacturers. In today’s changing operating environment, Digia’s customers must react daily and realign their policies. Digia is involved in improving the operators’ ability to offer increasingly interesting services to their customers. Digia also has the right expertise to respond to the changing digital needs of other sectors. This helps us to see things from the customer’s point of view. Digia’s competitiveness is based on our ability to integrate and develop multichannel user experiences.