Usability and cost effectiveness for public
administration needs

Mutually compatible e-services and functional ICT are increasingly important in today’s state administration and public services.


The quality of public administration and services can be significantly enhanced by developing application usability and system integration.

Ageing population and changes in the national dependency ratio are powerfully affecting demand for public services in Finland. More and more services are needed for the elderly, but at the same time the human resources available for providing the services are diminishing. This is a great challenge both for public finances and for those who supply the services.

Premise in Finland is that fully functional and secure public services must be equally available to all citizens. Finns are also used to conducting business online. The availability of e-services and automation of background processes improve the universal availability of services.

Digia has solid experience in public administration IT projects

Thanks to its long-lasting customer relationships and solid experience, Digia is a trusted expert in the public sector.

For Digia, the e-service and solution needs of the public administration are a great opportunity. Digia brings together cumulative competence in integration, analytics, app development and mobile solutions from various business areas, and creates successful user experiences for citizens, businesses and the authorities.

Tax Administration trusts Digia

Digia further reinforced its position as a trusted and competent partner in 2012. One example was a framework agreement made between Digia and the Finnish Tax Administration for the development of the latter’s e-services.

According to the new agreement, Digia will continue to develop the diversity and quality of the e-filing service for tax forms. Digia was involved in creating the very popular service, and at the next stage the service is meant to serve business in addition to consumers.

In spring 2012, around 565,000 customers filed their tax forms online using the service, and a huge 76% of the feedback they provided was positive.

Increasing government efficiency

The public administration in Finland is looking to make annual savings of EUR 110 million within ICT by 2015. The target is to be met by centralising the use of shared services within the government, reducing the number of equipment rooms and gathering together industry-independent ICT services.

In August 2012 Digia was chosen as the new application provider for the government’s Shared Integration Service. This is a centralised messaging service that allows different systems to communicate within and between organisations. With the service, government organisations can reduce the cost of connections between information systems and also monitor them more easily.