Consumer needs guiding the transformation of many industries

Many Digia’s customers experienced transformations in their operating environments in 2012. Common to a lot of industries was that the changes originated from the needs of customers and consumers. Multichannel solutions and services are now commonplace and consumers look for alternative service models, regardless of the sector.


The benefits of mobility for business are clearly recognised, and Digia’s customers in diverse industries are increasingly looking to comprehensively develop the multichannel nature of their services. During 2012, Digia enhanced the efficiency, productivity and good customer experiences of many customers’ operations using time- and place-independent multichannel solutions. Demand for these is growing sharply.

A digital revolution is taking place in the telecom sector. Consumers expect more and more comprehensive service experiences. Service providers are forced to react to these expectations and develop their offerings with quick turnaround times.

In trade and logistics, efficiency of the value chain is no longer enough to bring growth. The focus is now on consumer needs. The objective is to make purchasing easy for consumers via diverse service channels and in multichannel format.

In the public sector, demands for increased efficiency continue. The quality of public administration and public services can significantly be improved with IT solutions, and efficiency can be ensured by using compatible systems. The availability of e-services and the automation of background processes improve the availability of services.

In the finance industry, multichannel banking and investment have become commonplace and service providers have responded to this demand. Development of new multichannel consumer solutions that bring competitive advantages for financial operators continues at an ever faster pace. In 2012, the industry was challenged by swift regulatory changes, restructuring caused by market turbulence, and the aftermaths of the financial crisis.