CEO’s Review

Digia spent the year 2012 by laying a new path for itself. We have made major renewal efforts, and the company now looks completely different than it did before. Our new path stands on solid foundations and our future looks bright. 


As a company, we have undergone a significant change as a consequence of the previous year’s powerful market changes. We have revised our strategy and gotten operations under our new organisation off to a great start. We have energetically started implementing our chosen strategy. With our persistence, we have made it through this huge transformation. 2012 was a year of success and new beginnings for us.

Making daily life easier for customers in Finland

Our Finnish operations developed positively in 2012. The key factors in our success are a customer-centric approach and in-depth industry knowledge. I am pleased to note that customer satisfaction was once again high. Behind the hundreds of projects completed last year stand our personnel, who possess not only top-level technology expertise but also innovation ability. Most importantly, we have added efficiency and fluency to our customers’ daily operations with our ERP systems, operational systems and integration services.

We want to prove our reliability as a partner to new customers and keep demonstrating it to our long-term customers, and to continue serving them as well as possible in the future. This is why we invest heavily into developing our competence and our service portfolio.

Increasing internationalisation

Digia has taken significant steps in terms of international expansion. One of the year’s major events was the acquisition of Qt software technology and the related business operations from Nokia Plc. With the deal, some top-level Qt experts transferred to Digia from the mobile phone giant. We opened a new office in Berlin and expanded our offices in the United States and Norway. In relation to this deal we had to finish carrying out the necessary steps to adapt our mobile business to the new scenario in Finland, which led to some unfortunate personnel streamlining.

As we built our new path, one of our main objectives was to increase the amount of the scalable product business in our operations. Thanks to the Qt business we have done well in meeting this objective. Significantly larger proportion of our operations than before is now scalable and product based.

Striding confidently into the new year

I wish to thank our customers for a successful year of cooperation in 2012, and our shareholders for the faith they have shown in our business development decisions. Warm thanks are also due to every Digia employee for the willingness and enthusiasm they have shown in pushing our operations forward. I look forward to the bright future that Digia is sure to reach on its chosen path.

Juha Varelius
President and CEO