Tax Returns Submitted Online

In the spring of 2012, as many as 565,000 Finnish taxpayers – making up around 40% of all of those who returned their tax forms to the Tax Administration – filed their tax forms electronically. Users of the new online tax form service gave plenty of feedback on it, of which a huge 76% was positive, 17% comprised improvement suggestions, and only 7% was negative. Customers were particularly pleased with the clarity, simplicity and ease of use of the service.


Digia has been the Tax Administration’s partner for e-services for several years, and was involved in creating the e-filing service. The project, which included several service providers, was very well received both by the Tax Administration and by the taxpayers using the service.

Online filing of tax returns saves tax officials a lot of time previously spent on routine filing tasks, which they can now dedicate to more demanding duties. This is a great step towards meeting the government’s productivity targets. The forms are also more complete on arrival, which means less time spent requesting further information. For customers, the service makes submitting the tax return forms quicker and more comfortable to do at home.

The agreement between Digia and the Tax Administration was revised and extended on August 1st 2012. According to the new agreement, Digia will continue to develop the diversity and quality of the tax form e-filing service. The next stage of the service will encompass self-employed people and business owners.

Digia is also involved in building an income tax reporting service for companies, and in maintaining and developing the ALVEU service for companies. In the ALVEU service, businesses can request a VAT refund from another EU country.