S Group Personnel Enters into
the Digital Age

Thanks to the Dooris self-service portal created for S Group personnel, staff in the retail consortium can now easily take care of their own work shifts and employment contracts. The portal provides real-time information on things such as available shifts, and simplifies and automates internal processes related to work schedule and contract management.


Dooris is a new, modern and efficient channel for personnel communications in the S Group. The portal is integrated into the shift planning system and the Tempus mobile work invitation system. Later it will be integrated into the SAP personnel management system. Development efforts have been and will continue to be based on the principles of increasing the efficiency of HR processes, allowing cross-resourcing between different workplaces, and improving employer-employee interaction.

Seamless integration between systems reduces adminstrative work for managers and increases opportunities for cross-resourcing. Currently, employees can check their shifts, days off and completed work hours online or using the Dooris app on their mobile phones, anywhere and at any time. Dooris reduces paperwork and saves time for everyone, which simplifies routines on both sides.

One manager of an S Group regional cooperative said “Dooris took our hearts and our Post-It notes,” appropriately describing the efficiency, user-friendliness and functionality of the system. The transparency and up-to-datedness of the system have increased job satisfaction among both workers and managers. Dooris and Tempus are available on PCs, tablets computers and mobile phones as a cloud service facilitated by Digia.

Combined with Tempus, Dooris has improved the ability of S Group employees to take part in planning their work schedules, as well as enhancing communication between managers and staff and making it easier to coordinate work.