Medicinal Business Intelligence usage

Digia delivered a Business Intelligence solution for Imperia-Pharma, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia. The solution is based on Digia Retail Analytics, an industry BI-solution for wholesale and retail trade.


Imperia-Pharma is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North-West region of Russia and one of the largest in the whole country. The Saint-Petersburg based company has operated on Russian market since 1996. Its main business is wholesale of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and various medical products.

To keep track of sales data received from all offices for each item, to analyse results and plan activities to increase sales growth, the company decided to implement the BI-solution. After examining the Business Intelligence solutions represented on Russian market, Imperia-Pharma chose Digia Retail Analytics solution based on Microsoft BI. The project was implemented very fast and in full compliance with all customer requirements.

With the solution, Imperia-Pharma is able to define targets for sales, based on incidence and population data by regions. The company has also reduced its labour costs and minimized errors in producing analytical reporting for management use. Information transparency has improved and the company now has accurate view to its market share across regions, market segments and classes of drugs.

Digia delivered a solution that has proven to be an important part of Imperia-Pharma’s daily tool box. The BI solution acts as a basis for strategic planning and a source for new opportunities to increase sales. The system is also easy to use and very functional, which made it possible to implement the solution quickly and get positive results.