Automated investment operations

Etera has been managing its investment assets with solutions from Digia’s Financial Systems product line for over a decade. The system has increased in complexity in line with growing official regulations and Etera’s expanding investment operations. Now that data collection is automated, there is more time to actually interpret the data.


Etera is a mutual employment pension company that looks after employee and entrepreneur pensions and promotes occupational welfare. Its customers are companies, organisations, entrepreneurs and households. Employment pensions form a part of social security in Finland. All salaried employees and entrepreneurs are included in the statutory employment pension system.

Etera has used solutions from Digia’s Financial Systems product line for managing its securities investments since the late 1990s. Before that its investment assets, which were mostly in debenture bonds, were managed using an in-house system. With the company’s expansion into equity investments and the advent of the Euro, a more comprehensive and powerful system was needed. The chosen solution was Samstock, which has since then been merged into Digia’s Financial Systems.

In autumn 2011, Bloomberg’s market information service provided information on closing stock prices, valuations, key figures, risk evaluations and corporate events such as dividends, splits and share issues was integrated into the package as an external service. This significantly enhanced the real-time data supplied by the system, as previously some of it had to be retrieved manually from multiple sources.

New investment products are continuously being created, especially in the derivatives market, and as the risk level rises the market must be more actively monitored. Having up-to-date information is the number one priority. There are even more diverse ways of examining and combining data.