Elisa Contact Center: mobile solution boosts customer service efficiency

Digia and Elisa have collaborated for several years around diverse applications and implementations. Now, a mobile solution that responds to today’s user needs has been included in Elisa’s Orange Contact system for corporate clients. In the collaborative project, Elisa was in charge of the system implementation and Digia of the mobile solution.


Mobility breeds efficiency

The field personnel of Elisa’s corporate clients have to be able to sign in as active to the Orange Contact system. It allows them to receive phone calls from the customer queue. The system lets corporate clients use the system also while on the move. For this purpose a mobile solution had to be developed that works on the most common modern mobile platforms.

Platform-independent solution

The design of the mobile solution took into account the functionality of the solution, which had previously worked on a single platform, as well as various user needs coming from customers and the comprehensive device selection offered by Elisa. With such a wide range, the diversity of smartphone platforms became a challenge. Platform and browser limitations were circumvented by creating a modern web-based solution which gives the same functionality for all users. Usability analysis was used to simplify the user interface and the visual image was polished to match Elisa’s current look. The end result was a user-friendly, functional, platform-independent mobile solution.

The solution also has lower maintenance costs than platform-specific implementations. The two companies will continue collaborating on the mobile solution’s maintenance and minor further development, in line with well-established operating models.

Elisa is a telecom and ICT service provider which provides experiences for Finnish consumers and productivity for corporate customers with its online and ICT services. Elisa’s customers number around 2.2 million consumers, businesses and public organisations. Elisa also offers services internationally in collaboration with Vodafone and Telenor.