Digia’s service business solutions increase efficiency of customers’ processes

When businesses undergo operational changes and need to increase efficiency, they require a strong IT partner. Efficiency is born from a solution-centric approach and an understanding of the customer’s business. Technological advances also make it increasingly possible to efficiently combine business processes.


Our customers operate in a state of continuous flux, and IT solutions play a significant role in increasing business efficiency. Because of this, Digia provides its customers comprehensive solutions for e-services, online service, case management and integration. We also offer maintenance, outsourcing and expert services.

A solution-centric approach is essential

In its solutions and services, Digia makes use of leading technological platforms such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and open-source technologies. As the platforms have advanced, they have in themselves increased their mutual compatibility, which has reduced the need for adaptation and the average size of projects. Digia always evaluates each customer’s solution needs on a case-by-case basis. Digia adds effectiveness and competitiveness to its customers’ businesses with concepts adapted to the operations and the sector.

Demand for information system solutions was good in 2012, growing particularly in the public sector. In the private sector, the global economic uncertainty was evident in some delays in customers’ procurement decisions, especially in the second half of the year.

Integration seamlessly connects business processes

Business processes must work together seamlessly both inside the company and between value chain parties. Besides traditional data flow and system integration, attention is increasingly turning towards complete infrastructures and process integration. One of Digia’s products is the SOA integration centre service, which experienced a significant growth in demand in 2012. The trend is expected to continue in 2013. Integration and its related analytics services are one of Digia’s major areas of focus.

Efficiency for business processes through mobility

Major technical developments took place in relation to diverse mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in 2012. Demand for ways to utilise mobility in business has increased. Instead of simply making information available in a mobile format, it is essential to ensure that mobility adds to the efficiency of processes. Digia offers its customers business-specific concept solutions and consulting to make sure this happens. Demand for mobile business solutions is expected to grow strongly in 2013.

Usability planning ensures effective system use

To ensure user commitment to systems and services, there must be a successful launch but also knowledge of the user experience. To help in creating successful user experiences, Digia offers usability planning services that ensure user satisfaction from the very early stages of a project. Separate usability projects can also be conducted to lengthen the lives of existing systems.