Industry-specific software solutions duplicated to support diverse customers’ critical processes

Typically system deliveries in the Industry Verticals business area facilitate and support the core processes of Digia’s customers. In that sense, they play a critical role in their businesses. In these projects Digia’s reliable deliveries and service ability guarantee customer satisfaction.


Digia’s Industry Verticals division focuses on scalable business concepts and solutions in select industries. Digia’s principal objective for 2012 was to increase its scalable product business. In line with this objective, the share of the product business out of Digia’s consolidated net sales rose sharply and further growth is expected in the future.

Some of the chosen industries for the vertical products are wholesale and retail, the manufacturing industry, services, the financial sector and associations. In each sector, Digia offers to its customers a complete suite comprising both Digia’s own products and products from suitable technology partners.

Digia’s service portfolio encompasses high-quality implementation services, as well as comprehensive system life cycle services from support to maintenance and hosting.

For the retail industry, for example, Digia has developed the comprehensive Digia Smart Store concept that addresses the challenges brought on by growing competition.

Product-based architecture increases agility of system projects

The Industry Verticals business offers new and existing customers product-based software solutions and related services, all supported by in-depth knowledge of the industry in question. The portfolio is built upon a core of ERP systems, financial sector and association operative systems and related portal implementations and integration solutions.

The selection is flexibly supplemented with solutions and ERP sector verticals from technology partners, which makes the implementation projects quicker and less subject to risk.

Multichannel solutions increase operational efficiency and enhance the user experience

Digia’s product solutions increasingly support the implementation of multichannel aspects, meaning that services can also be accessed from mobile devices. Digia’s extensive competence in mobile technologies places the company in a unique position for the development of mobility in ERP systems.

Mobility plays a significant role in enhancing the use of modern information systems. It means the right information is in the right place at the right time. It also makes systems easier to use and user experiences possible to improve. The mobile aspect also allows for business process development, operating model modifications and, optimally, generation of new business. Mobility could be said to be an organic part of modern business operations, and thereby a visible element of a typical system delivery.