Favourable development for service business: growth from product business and Qt

Domestic service business developed favourably in 2012. The product business significantly increased its share of net sales and further growth can be expected. The Qt business also grew in 2012.


Customer orientation and industry know-how as the foundations for Finnish operations

Digia’s domestic operations experienced positive development in 2012. The customer’s business is undergoing a period of continuous change. Technical solutions related to e-services, online services, case management and integration play a significant role in increasing business efficiency. There is even more emphasis than before on complete infrastructures and business process integration in each company’s value network.

Business processes are also becoming mobile. Major technical developments took place in relation to diverse mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in 2012. The significance of system usability has also grown. Good usability increases user loyalty and enhances efficiency.

Growth from the product business

Digia’s principal objective for 2012 was to increase its scalable product business. The company did well in meeting this objective, as the share of the product business out of Digia’s consolidated net sales rose sharply and further growth is expected in the future.

Digia’s Industry Verticals division focuses on scalable business concepts and solutions in select industries.

Qt’s competitiveness continuing to grow

Digia’s Qt business grew significantly during 2012. The Qt business also developed structurally during the year, as Digia added to the Qt Commercial licensing operations it had previously bought from Nokia. Digia acquired the open source code licensing, product development and the copyrights to the entire Qt software technology in August 2012.

The Qt acquisition gave Digia an excellent opportunity to develop not only the technology but also the whole business and its wider ecosystem. Qt is a software developers’ tool that allows for efficient, operating system-independent development of programs. After these launches, Qt is considered to be a highly competitive software development environment for all the leading operating systems.