Good work ability forms the basis for well-being at Digia

Investments were made during the year into adopting the Good Work Ability model and a new sick leave responsibility matrix. Well-being is also fostered by diverse leisure activities and comprehensive fringe benefits.


Digia’s Good Work Ability model is one of the main initiatives for supporting occupational well-being at Digia. Its main target is early intervention in problems so that they can be solved through collaboration.

The model strives to prevent unnecessary lengthening of sick leave and sets proactive measures that lead to a timely and safe return to work. Cooperation plays an important role, and the responsibilities of the various concerned parties are carefully defined. The occupational health care provider is an important partner in promoting well-being at work.

Employee benefits

A comprehensive package of fringe benefits was offered to personnel in 2012, as in previous years. Occupational health services were provided through partnering medical centres and health insurance. Preventive basic dental care was also offered as a benefit. Fitness and culture vouchers were supplied as a way to encourage exercise and recreation, and luncheon vouchers were provided to subsidise lunches.

Diverse leisure activities

Digia supports its employees’ leisure activities by facilitating club activities. OpenClubs operate around Finland in various fields of activity, such as orienteering, ice swimming, cycling, poker, running, photography, curling, bands, crafts, various cultural pursuits and even blood donation. Events for the whole family were organised in many locations.

During the year, Digia’s employees took part in various nationwide occupational well-being and fitness campaigns, such as a stair-walking campaign and a campaign to try three new sports. In fact, a women’s team from Digia won gold in the latter campaign run by Smartum.