Personnel implementing Digia’s new path for 2012

International operations increased significantly during the year. The latest international office opened in Berlin. In Finland the focus was on implementing the new strategy and in developing operations.


The year 2012 started with the adoption of a new organisation and the communication of the company’s updated strategy to personnel. The message to personnel comprised Digia’s strategy and objectives, the business model and targets of the business area, and the significance and targets of each team as a part of the aforementioned entities. Particular emphasis was placed on open dialogue in small groups. Division leaders and managers were coached in change management. An employee survey conducted in the spring demonstrated a much higher level of satisfaction in the new strategy and in the workplace compared to the previous year.

Some of the key development areas that were identified were process and management competence, personnel commitment, managing the relevance and quantity of competence, and efficiency of operations. An important amount of work was done in these areas and improvements were achieved in each of them during the year. This partly resulted in new responsibilities being given to personnel and in further small-scale organisational changes during the year.

New office to Berlin, more employees to Oslo

In the early autumn the number of personnel employed outside of Finland grew significantly with new people joining Digia due to the Qt acquisition. A new office was opened in Berlin and there was a significant increase in the number of employees based in Oslo. The new functions were merged into the Qt organisation in late summer and early autumn, and the necessary administrative and service operations were initiated. Personnel negotiations had to be conducted in Finland due to the adoption of new operating principles and targets.

In Sweden and Russia employee numbers remained stable during the year. In China there was a gradual move towards local Qt operations and a consequent slight reduction in the number of employees. Conversely, the number of personnel employed in the United States grew slightly. A few employees transferred from Digia in Finland to the local subsidiary in the US.

At year-end, Digia employed 195 persons outside of Finland.

Theme year of occupational well-being

Digia’s Good Work Ability model is one of the main initiatives for supporting occupational well-being at Digia. The model comprises mutually agreed rules for early intervention in challenging situations, and enables pushing matters forward in positive ways that suit all those concerned. In addition it works to reduce the unnecessary lengthening of sick leave periods and to safeguard employees’ work ability through positive cooperation.

Occupational well-being is something that affects the whole workplace community: employees, managers, the executive management, Human Resources and the HSE organisation, that all work together efficiently and positively to achieve good results.

Competence development a continuous effort

Competence development is an essential part of everyday work and of the continuous development of personnel and the organisation at Digia. In addition to providing courses and training, Digia encourages its employees to enhance their own and their team’s competence. Learning is a team effort related to identifying the best practices for improving customer satisfaction. Good examples of such actions in 2012 included project manager training, learning and networking meetings, a successful integration competence academy and the continuous development of operating models.