From vision into action: implementing the strategy

Digia’s business is subdivided into five strategic areas: Solutions and Services, Industry Verticals, Integration and Analytics Services, International Products and New Market Areas.


Solutions and Services

As the world becomes globalised and web services ubiquitous, Digia helps its customers to make use of IT solutions with which they can build superior personalised customer experiences, offer services 24 hours a day in a way that really speaks to the end customers, and stand out from the competition.

Long-term customer relationships, industry-specific expertise and mobile solutions are the strong pillars of Digia’s innovative end-to-end service production. Operations are based on the use of leading technology platforms, solid technical competence, knowledge of the customers’ business and conceptualisation.

Digia’s portfolio consists of productised solutions and services that cover the entire cycle of system development – from architecture, concept and user interface design to software development, integration and maintenance.

Industry Verticals

The Industry Verticals business offers new and existing customers product-based software solutions and related services, all supported by in-depth knowledge of the sector in question. Some of the chosen sectors for the vertical products are wholesale and retail, the manufacturing industry, services, the financial sector and associations.

The portfolio is built upon a core of ERP systems, financial sector and association’s operative systems and related portal implementations and integration solutions. Digia’s service portfolio encompasses high-quality implementation services, as well as comprehensive system life cycle services, including support, maintenance and hosting.

Digia’s product solutions increasingly support the implementation of multichannel aspects, meaning that services can also be accessed from mobile devices. Digia’s extensive competence in mobile technologies places the company in a unique position for the development of mobility in ERP systems.

Integration and Analytics Services

The primary goal of Digia’s integration and analytics business is to develop and manage the integration services and business processes of major clients. Demand for store optimisation, analytics and integration solutions is strong and growing. Digia’s aim is to develop increasingly complex service concepts for its chosen primary markets, which are trade, the public sector, and the finance and insurance sector. With regard to store optimisation, target groups also include health care, transport and logistics, and the food industry.

Digia’s competitiveness in this business segment is mostly based on its understanding of clients’ needs and its service concept. Digia has strong relationships with several long-term clients in this segment. Both the service portfolio and the client portfolio are well balanced. Digia also offers its own integration and store optimisation solutions as turnkey services to a wide range of clients regardless of industry. Digia’s analytics solutions support the analytical solutions offered in the context of New Market Areas and vice versa in terms of both industry and technology.

Digia intends to develop its service offering in this segment by strengthening its industry know-how and understanding of clients’ needs as well as by becoming the best technological expert in the industry.

International Products

The objective of Digia’s International Products segment is to grow by developing its existing products and their sales, and by investing in new growth projects. The segment comprises the Qt Commercial  business acquired from Nokia, and Digia Ventures.

Digia has Qt competence or sales centres in Finland, Norway (Oslo), Germany (Berlin), the United States (Santa Clara, CA), China (Beijing and Chengdu) and Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow). Digia’s strong international network of offices and highly experienced international sales force will be a major factor in achieving future growth.

The Qt Commercial development environment is actively used by around 3,500 companies operating in such sectors as consumer electronics, finance, the aircraft industry, energy, the defence forces and the media. In terms of licence sales, the major markets are the United States, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan. Most of the income related to Qt Commercial comes from licence sales.

The international software business offers growth opportunities but also requires investments into the future. Digia Ventures is developing the next generation of software solutions. Ventures approaches the market through easily scalable cloud solutions directly over the internet.

New Market Areas

Digia’s aim is to generate growth by developing local operations in new markets. In the near future, the emphasis will be on the rapidly growing Russian market. The objective there is quick growth based primarily on vigorous acquisition of new customers, although carefully considered business acquisitions are not out of the question. There are good conditions for success, thanks to the combination of Russians’ appreciation for Finnish quality, and Digia’s local business competence, competitive portfolio and industry-specific knowledge.

Currently the core product portfolio consists of software-based solutions in analytics and supporting services aimed especially at the trade and logistics sectors. A new product selection is also being developed for the target market, making use of synergies with Digia’s product portfolio as a whole. This means that it will also have market potential in Finland.

The focus of operations is on software solutions, but there will also be an emphasis on developing service operations in order to support recognition and market capture. Near shore services will be offered in order to ensure the competitiveness and resource availability of Finnish operations.