Successful projects require strong project management and customer relationship management

Digia’s training programmes form the basis for the continuity of staff competence. Effective human resources management helps to ensure that competence is shared internationally and across division boundaries.


Strong project management and customer relationship management as the cornerstones of success

Digia systematically develops its project management through both its internal development unit and external training partners. We work in close collaboration with customers to ensure that the targets of our projects remain clear even in periods of change, and that our customers receive the correct solutions for their business needs.

Training programmes form the basis of competence development

Training at Digia takes place through diverse programmes, for instance the highly praised integration competence academy. In 2012, personnel received training in diverse areas, such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle. We certified several experts for each of these areas.

Training programmes will continue to play an important role. In order to maintain our position at the forefront of competence we train our personnel in line with business needs and technological developments.

International competence

In 2012, Digia strongly internationalised its competence, especially in the Qt business area. This has brought even deeper product marketing and technology competence into the company.

Diverse competences available across division boundaries

In addition to technology, competence development focused on sector, product and method expertise according to the various business divisions’ needs. Digia’s pool of experts is managed by a shared HR unit, which optimises the utilisation of the company’s competence resources globally and throughout its various divisions.