How to achieve success: Digia’s strategy in brief

A strong cash flow will be achieved through competitive service operations. Growth will be reinforced thanks to the scalable software product business and the company’s new market areas. Continuity will be ensured by carefully balancing short-term earning power with long-term growth objectives, and by employing motivated personnel.


The fulfilment of Digia’s vision for 2014 is based on the following strategic cornerstones:

Maintaining competitive and evolving service operations that ensure a steady cash flow and moderate growth. The most important thing is to generate value for customers with a customer-centric operating and solution model.

Enhancing the existing product selection with scalable business models for accelerated growth. This is done by turning services into replicable, sector-specific packages of solutions and related services. In addition, the company will develop software and services for international online sale.

Increasing growth potential by expanding from the domestic market into new areas of rapid growth, such as Russia.

Balancing short-term earning power with long-term sustainable growth through careful investment management.

Emphasising personnel motivation and commitment, and enhancing the company’s image as an attractive employer.

Ensuring that the company’s management structure and operating models work harmoniously and support the achievement of strategic objectives.