Digia's mission and vision for 2014


Our inventive solutions bring success for people and businesses in everyday life.

The purpose of Digia’s existence – its mission – is born out of passion and ability to create everyday success for consumers and citizens. This generates added value for Digia’s customers and thereby justifies the company’s existence and maintains lasting partnerships.


Digia 2014: Successful and Most Recommended

We are the Finnish software solutions and services company of choice, growing strongly at home and abroad.

Our continuous success is based on inspired experts, skilled leadership and solutions which improve customer experience.

Our innovative products are within reach of people around the world.

Digia’s vision – i.e. what constitutes the company’s success in 2014 – is built upon the following intents:

Digia is the first choice and recommendation for customers looking for a provider of information system solutions, software and services. The company’s operation is increasingly international, but it is based in Finland. Growth is swift in chosen markets, taking place both by expanding the domestic market and through making products for a global user base.

Digia’s personnel enjoy working in the company, develop themselves, and assume and bestow responsibility. Activity is guided by a desire to evolve and produce sustainable results. Management is target-oriented and the ability to execute is first-rate. Knows also to listen. Solutions are inspiring and display exemplary usability.

Digia is a growth business with a good level of profitability. The company’s valuation and market value develop favourably and its shares are a highly regarded in trading. Personnel are committed to success.

Digia is a reliable innovator and an insightful problem-solver, which has the ability swiftly to harness new technologies to further the business growth, profitability and risk management of its customers. Delivery channels and revenue models have developed without prejudice.