Net Sales

Digia’s consolidated net sales for the fiscal year were EUR 100.4 (121.9) million, down 17.6 per cent on the previous year.

The decrease was due to a sharp fall in demand for mobile contract engineering services from Q2 2011 onwards, which continued through 2012. Net sales generated by the Qt business grew significantly from the comparison period, reaching EUR 18.3 million during the period under review. Of that figure, EUR 4.2 million came from the granting of rights of use of Qt technology to Nokia as part of the Qt business acquisition.

During the financial year, the product business accounted for EUR 36.5 (25.7) million or 36.4 (21.0) per cent of consolidated net sales.

International operations accounted for EUR 20.6 (14.7) million or 20.5 (12.1) per cent of consolidated net sales.