Future Prospects

The company is focusing heavily on paving the way for growth. Besides organic growth, the company will actively pursue opportunities to make carefully considered business acquisitions that support its strategy. The main cornerstones of the company’s operations are still high profitability and a positive cash flow.

The company expects the IT market to remain at roughly the previous year’s level in 2013.

Efforts will continue to be made to develop the company’s sales and service portfolio to ensure that it can offer increasingly competitive services and solutions for boosting its customers’ business efficiency.

The company expects demand for its ERP systems, operational systems and integration services to remain good, although increased caution on the customer side and lengthening sales cycles may have an effect on future order intake.

The company continues to seek growth in the expanding Russian market. The Chinese unit will focus on Qt licence sales and supporting service.

The company expects net sales from the Qt business to continue growing.

Operating profit is predicted to remain somewhat below normal or at most slightly positive through the first quarter of 2013, after which it should improve. Profitability is expected to return to a good level in the second half of 2013, thanks to completed streamlining measures and the development of the Qt business.

The company expects its net sales for 2013 to remain roughly at the 2012 level. Growth in net sales will be hampered by the cessation of mobile contract engineering operations.